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Hi, my name is Madeline and I will be entering my first year of college as an English major. Currently, I work at my local library all year long and intern at Patch Work Press as a publishing intern. These jobs are both fantastic because I am working with my passion: reading and writing. Books have been my go to when I have nothing to do and when times get difficult. They take me into a world that makes me happy. My dream job is to be a book publisher or recently I have discovered a literary agent. So, in short, I want to do something with books because as stupid as it sounds, it is my passion. Among all that, I would love to be an author. I write every now and then because I need to put my ever wandering mind to good use. I also have this dream, emphasis on the word dream, to be in  a Hallmark movie. The reason behind that is I am a die hard romance fan and those movies are just so sappy. I also acted throughout junior high and high school. I have had this dream since my freshmen year in high school. :P
I also strongly encourage the zero tolerance for bullying policy. Having once been bullied, I know the pain you go through. It sucks, but it made me the person I am today. Now I am stronger, more confident, and happy with the support I have around me everyday. My family and friends are literally the best.
So all in all, don't be afraid to pursue the dream you have! It may be impossible now, but never give up. The harder you work, the more rewarding your life will be!
This blog is strictly going to be about books, writing, and maybe the occasion update of my crazy life.
Thanks for reading!:) <3
this is me meeting Veronica Roth. :)

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