Friday, October 31, 2014

NanoWriMo 2014


Spelling Trouble

Genre: Young Adult


            Jovie Gold lives a charmed life-literally. In the past three and a half years, she has finally come to terms with her powers as a witch. But being a witch in modern day Salem is no easy task. Every day she must be aware of when and where she uses her powers.
            Then one day she uses her powers in front of her cocky math tutor.
            Swept into the witch realm, Jovie is put on trial for disregarding the rules of the witch council. Now she has to worry about the one boy she cannot stand to keep her secret hidden. But soon, the witch realm wants revenge on Jovie and her mother for her mother's own past. Jovie must team up with unlikely witches in order to take down the dark magic hovering the witches realm.
            Suddenly fighting dark magic does not seem too important when the boy she once hated becomes so much  more-the head witches own son.
            Magic, betrayal, love, hate, witches......


I was fourteen and unlike most girls my age, my mom told me I was a witch as a part of my birthday present. I didn't understand. She told me I had powers; there was a witch realm where other witched lived; and I had a talking cat. I would be lying if I said I hated that talking cat because nobody else has a talking cat.
Now I am stuck in my senior year practically friendless. Everyone in my class thinks my mom practices witch craft. Which is not too far fetched. I twirl my pencil in my hands as my math tutor, Jack, lectures me on the importance of studying for finals come May. Jack is two years older than me but helps me with math after classes let out. We sit in the school library for an hour two days of the week. Each time I get more distracted by his deep brown eyes. I snap myself out of my typical admiration when Jack slams down the notebook from across the table.
"Can you tell me what I was talking about?"
I look over at him, "um...velocity?"
Jack rolls his eyes, "that's a science term. No, I was referring to the distance and radius of a circle. Explain to me how to do it."
Days like this, I really wish that I could use my magic to turn him into a frog or something.

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