Friday, August 29, 2014

Author Spotlight: Anna Katmore!

I know what you're all probably thinking: who the heck is Anna Katmore?!
Well...she is a fantasy/romance/ paranormal self-published YA author and she is a fantastic story teller! I stumbled upon her with a contemporary novel title "Play With Me". It was a YA Romance that had me swooning, laughing, and want more from the author. Fortunately for me, she added on to that book to expand it to a companion series. Her books are a perfect summer read. Or even a winter read! They are so light-hearted with a bit of an edge. She rocks at writing romance. I have never read a romance book that had my cheeks flaming like her books had me. (Ok, maybe I have, but this was different.) Her characters are sassy which I love because I have major sass too. On the other hand, her fantasy writing is also very interesting, but I am a sucker for romance. 
If you haven't already, look her up and buy her books. You definitely will not regret it!
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