Monday, August 11, 2014

Book Review: Opposition

Book: Opposition by Jennifer L Armentrout
Publisher: Entangled Teens
Stars: 5/5
Pub Date: August 5, 2014
Genre: Sci-fi/ Romance
Holy alien babies...
I wanna first start off by saying The Lux series is one of my favorites. It is sexy, funny, and down-right packed with action and adventure.

Likes: Opposition picks up where we left off in Origin. From there we dive into Daemon and Kat all over again.
Their relationship was full of all kinds of sexual tensions. I swear I swooned every time Daemon and Kat were in the same room. Their love was so raw and amazing!
The action was a lot more gory in this book. Armentrout did not bother to spare any details. The Luxen were so evil that their destruction to humankind was abominable. Daemon and even Kat, were once again more bad a** than ever. They fought so hard for their future. No matter the result, they moved Heaven and Earth to save the Earth and the innocent people. Luckily it paid off very well for them.
Daemon Black!!!!It is so hard not to spoil this book so I am going to be pretty basic...but I devoured this book. I read it in about three days tops. I laughed, I teared up, and I swooned so hard. There was so much dialogue that made me fall off the couch laughing.
We cannot forget the epilogue! The epilogue was so great that I wanted more of the whole story. Unfortunately, there will be no more Daemon Black to grace us. I was so happy that everything worked out for Kat and Daemon. They definitely deserved a happy ever after because they went through so much. It also made me happy that Kat had her book blog up and running and that they were going to college. Along with that, they planned to throw a beautiful wedding.

Dislike: There was not much that I did not like about this book, but there were a few minor things.
First off, I felt like Kat and Daemon's relationship was based on a lot of lust. I swear this book had like 10 sex scenes. It was a little over the top. To me, that felt more like lust than love.
Second, I kind of hated the fact that Dawson and Beth had a baby. It just didn't feel like they should have had a baby because they were everything but ready.

Overall, loved, loved, loved this book. Hands down my favorite sci-fi/ romance book I have ever read. Armentrout's writing really shines. I cannot wait to read all of her other series. A must read to anyone who loves romance, action, aliens, and science fiction.
Plus the covers are absolutely gorgeous. See!

#CoverReveal Opposition (Lux, #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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