Saturday, February 28, 2015

"The First Son's Spy

So...I wrote this back in the fall and recently finished with light edits and revision. Currently it is on Wattpad (unedited). My UN is @MaddiMellark.

Here's a brief premise of my story!

Meet Piper Hale, spy of the first son.
Sterling is unaware of the girl that is his personal spy. Piper knows everything about Sterling, but she can't reveal herself to him. It is the summer before college and Piper tries to keep herself undercover until it's time for Sterling to move into Yale University. Sterling assumes that Piper is just the chef's daughter. He knows that he shouldn't feel the way he does about a girl from a different world. Especially a girl who works for his father. Both unable to deny their feelings, they fall into a summer full of love, betrayal, and loss. Can Piper and Sterling survive everything that is trying to pull them apart, especially a threatening student at Yale that is willing to do anything to ruin Sterling's perfect reputation?

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