Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fandom Twitter

Follow me and I will do the same: @Mseatonmellark

How to get started and add followers on a fan account:

1. Follow a bunch of accounts that are related to your fandoms.

2. Tweet using hash tags for awhile. They may be annoying but trust me, they work wonders on gaining followers.

3. Ask the larger accounts for a shout-out. (I rarely did this and did fine with follower count)

4. Tweet things you would want to retweet.

5. Favorite/Retweet other people's tweets to get noticed.

6. DO NOT harass people for a follow. (Typically the people who beg do not get followed)

7. Try not to tweet about personal things because after all, it is a fandom account.

8. Be patient, time and tweets will get you more followers!
I have had my fan account for a few months and have 1.4 K followers. Once you get started tweeting, the more people you will get to follow. Always be friendly because I know that helps when I notice small accounts. DO NOT be cocky and brag about follow accounts. You are not famous, just great at getting follows. Be yourself!

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