Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Awful Reading Slump

Have you ever gone through a reading slump that you feel will never end?
That's currently me right now.
I have formulated a list of cures for the horrid reading slump.
1. Start more than one book and see if any catch your attention
2. Stray away from your normal genre. Try something new that you would never normally read. Be dauntless!
3. Search Goodreads for recommendations
4. Walk around your house until you realize how boring that is and pick up a dang book!
5. Write something. Sometimes when I feel like no book is up to my standards, I write what I want to read. Even if you just want to write a scene, go ahead and try,
6. Take a day off from reading and you'll realize how awful that is and how badly you want to get  back to reading.
7. Do some homework and then ditch it because you realize that if you don;t get out of this reading slump, you'll be doing homework constantly. Ew.
8. Beg your parents, friends, siblings, to take you to a bookstore with so many options, you'll have to shake free from your reading slump.
9. Reread one of your favorite books to get you back in the groove of obsessively reading. Yay!
Seriously, all of these have helped me at some point when I have had a reading slump. I know how aggravating it can be, trust me, I do.
10. Go on a run to clear your mind to read later. Wait, lol, I don't run. Why should you?
11. Try picking up a book that you bought and never read. You bought it for a reason, right?
Of course this blog post is more along the lines of me rambling. But really, you should try these options. More likely than not, one of them has to help you!

I'll make time...

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