Friday, January 30, 2015

The Perfect OTP's Ever: Top 3

As I am trying to not think about a writing deadline, I decided to come up with my all time favorite OTPs. Not limited to books. It was quite difficult to just keep it to 3 OTPs. Seriously, that's like some crazy math problem I can never solve. Alas! I did it!

1. Corey and Topanga (Boy Meets World)
After I binged watched Boy Meets World last year, I keep re-watching it because of Corey and Topanga's relationship. Sure, I found it a little unbelievable at times, but everything about their relationship was real. They fought; they cheated on one another; they got on each others nerves. Through that, they managed to plow through the obstacles. They loved each other- and every time they are on screen, I scream "I NEED A RELATIONSHIP LIKE THAT!"
Who Is Your “Boy Meets World” Soulmate? I got Cory Matthews...but I'm pretty sure Shawn and I are soul mates @raven_griffin3

2. Peeta and Katniss (Duh) (Hunger Games)
There's not much to say about them besides that they are my all time favorite OTP. They went through so much together. Literally, they survived together. Even when Katniss was awful to Peeta, he cared too much about her to let her go because he knew Katniss cared about him too. In Mockingjay, we saw that Katniss really loved Peeta despite her mixed feelings. Sure they had to go through the manipulations of the Capitol to realize their love, but once they did, I was one happy teenager. I cried so hard during their scenes because Peeta is so romantic. Find me a Peeta please.

I still can’t process this. There’s just so much love that Peeta has for Katniss and I don’t think any gif shows it more than this one

3. Tobias and Tris (Divergent)
While these two had a rocky start, once they confessed their true feelings, electricity was in the air. Seriously, though. Tris's love for Tobias woke him up from the simulation. If that isn't love, I don't know what is. Plus, Tobias was there for Tris when she needed him. Her brother betrayed her; her mom and dad died; Tobias was the one who gave her a shoulder to cry on. They were angtsy with each other at times, but that's what relationships are about. Not everything can be fun and perfect. They were in a war torn era. (SPOILER) Tobias's reaction to Tris dying showed just how much he loved her. So much that it physically broke him. Ps, Veronica, I will never forgive you for breaking my OTP.
.All the ways that Divergent is a total rip-off of Hunger Games and Harry Potter!

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